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1. What is Pre-University Studies?
The Pre-University Studies at KDU Penang University College focuses on delivering a university preparatory programme to students who wish to pursue their bachelor degrees at university. By enrolling for this programme, students will gain indispensable academic knowledge, essential study skills, such as independent learning skills, critical thinking skills, etc. so that the student is better prepared for admission into the premier universities all over the world. At KDU Penang University College, we are currently offering the Cambridge GCE A-Level programme, and will soon be offering our own foundation programme in 2018*.

*subject to the approval from the Senate and MQA.

2. What is the advantage of enrolling as a Pre-University Studies student?
Pre-University Studies student will have better education pathways compared to a diploma student. Basically, students with Cambridge GCE A-level results can apply to any degree programme in any university all over the world as long as the results meet the entry requirements.  

3. What if my GPA and/or test scores change before I attend classes at KDU?
The Cambrige GCE A-level Programme offered by KDU Penang University College does not use GPA or test scores for its grading system. In A-Levels, a student’s academic achievement is reported on a grade scale from A*(highest) to E (minimum required performance). There is no A* grade in Advanced Subsidiary (AS) levels, which run from A to E.  Some universities allow students to use their AS results to apply for university admission. However, a student is required to ensure that the later final A-level results meet the entry requirement. 
4. How will I know what courses to take?
Two major streams of study are offered by the CPUS in KDU Penang University College, which are science and humanities. Students are advised to decide their future career and make the correct decision. If a student has problem making his decision, our academic staff is always ready to provide counselling service for them.

5. How many credits may I enrol in as a Pre-University Studies student?
Normally, a student will enroll for a minimum of three subjects per semester. We do have students enrolling for more than 3 subjects. All this depends on the student. A typical science subject will carry 8 credits while humanities subjects carry 6 credits.

6. What distinguishes KDU Penang UC’s Pre-U from other Pre-U programmes?
A few key areas which distinguish us from other Pre-U programmes, are:
Good track record of student performance.
a. An average of 45% of our students score 3As and above in their
  • A-Level results every year. 
b .Largest pool of full time A-Level academic staff.
  • 90% of our full time academic staff have post graduate degrees and extensive teaching experience. 
c. 13 years’ of past year exam papers.
d. Conducive learning environment.
  • Regular engagement with parents on academic performance and wellbeing of students via parent-teacher days, monthly reports and personal appointments.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. 
e. University placement services. 
7. I do not plan on sending my son/daughter to an overseas university. Why should I enrol him/her in the programme?
A-level results are recognised both locally and internationally.
8. Is assistance provided to students in their admissions and applications to universities?
KDU does provide University Placement Services.
9. What are the compulsory subjects for KDU students?
There is no compulsory subject for A-level students.