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Nursing Course In Penang, Malaysia

What comes to mind when you are dreaming of your future?

Do you see yourself meeting new people around the world? Caring for people in different age groups - from newborns to the elderlies; from those who are ill to promoting greater health? Perhaps you see yourself pursuing a career in the caring profession? At KDU Penang, we can help turn your dreams into reality. Join us and discover the endless opportunities that KDU Penang has to offer.

Nursing career opportunities are greater, more varied and the demand for qualified nurses has been higher than ever before. As the health care field becomes increasingly complex and specialized, nurses are finding this career more challenging.

  • Astounding track Record: We deliver results with a 100% passing rate in Nursing Board Examinations in the 10 years since we started.
  • Leader in Experiential Learning: Our students go to General Hospitals for clinical posting where they can gain a wide diversity of clinical experience. This is complemented by industry standard campus facilities ensuring our graduates are adaptive,  equipped to think on their feet.
  • Be Equipped for an International Career. Nursing is a financially lucrative and respected international career path. At KDU Penang University College experience an international study environment alongside students from all over the world. Be equipped for an international career through experiencing different cultures while you study.

  • Registered nurse in government/private hospital or clinics.
  • Nurse specialist in many fields that interest you such as mental health, community health, accident & emergency neonatal intensive care, paediatric, orthopedic, gerontology, oncology, ophthalmology, traumatology, neurosurgery, midwifery, ENT, renal, plastic surgery, CCU, ICU nursing and operation techniques.
  • Occupational health nurse in industires.
  • Nurse administrator in hospitals, corporate sector and non Government Organizations.
  • Nurse educator in educational institutions.
  • Nurse researcher in organisations dealing with health.