FAQs |


1. How long is the Intensive English course and will I get a certificate at the end of my course?
The course runs for 8 weeks and you will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion.
2. How many Intensive English courses are there and what if the level is too high/low for me?

5 courses are available, ranging from levels Elementary to Higher Intermediate. You will sit for an English Placement Test prior to the start of the course. Then, you will be placed at a suitable level based on the results of your English Placement Test.
3. How many students are there in a class?

For an effective language proficiency course, the class size is 15 – 25 students.

4. Who are your lecturers and what are their qualifications?
All lecturers are fully qualified, experienced and recognised TESL-trained teachers with degrees and postgraduate degrees in their fields.
5.  How available are the teaching staff to the students?

Teaching staff make themselves available to students, giving out their office hours, email addresses, etc. They encourage students to drop in during their consultation hours in the office. If you can’t make it during their office hours, they will be able meet with you by appointment.
6. How are classes scheduled?

Classes are scheduled from Mondays through Fridays. Classes usually run from 9 a.m.  Occasionally classes are conducted on Saturdays for university wide subjects.

7. What is the grading system in KDU Penang University College?
Letter grades are used to indicate a student's academic performance, A, B, C etc. For the diploma and degree programmes, each letter grade has a numeric value which is used to calculate a GPA, on a scale of 4.0.
8. How are grades determined?

Grades are typically determined by but not limited to quizzes, midterm exams, final exams, papers, projects, class attendance and class participation.
9. Are there academic advising and counselling services available to students?

Yes. The academic department head and all lecturers are available for academic counselling services with the students. There is a professional counsellor who will attend to you by appointment.
10. Is there a career services centre that can offer help to graduates seeking job opportunities?

The Career & Placement Centre offers help to graduates by providing them with employer networking, internship information, resume writing, and mock interviews. 

11. Do you have to have a personal computer on campus? Are there computer labs available on campus?
A personal computer is not required, though most students choose to bring one. There are computers in the computer labs available for students’ use free of charge. Students can access Wi-Fi campus wide.
12. Where will I take my meals?

Cafeteria food is available on campus. Cafes and restaurants are situated all around the campus. Halal food is available within campus.
13. How do students balance work, life and classroom?

Students will find balance in work, life and classroom through smart planning of time and life priorities. KDU Penang UC offers many activities for students to explore their interests and talents. There are student-run clubs for artistic, musical, social and athletic pursuits. Extracurricular activities are encouraged and supported for personal growth, and friendship and cultivating talents.
14. Is there a lot to do in Penang? 

There are many options for recreation and relaxation. There are public buses for nice-weather trips to the beach, island hopping on motorised boats, treks and trails around Penang Hill. There are various parks open to the public. Shopping malls house cinemas, world-class restaurants, gymnasiums etc. Rental of futsal courts and badminton courts can be arranged and a bowling alley is situated in town. The Setia SPICE Arena offers recreational swimming for a modest fee.