FAQs |


1. What is a typical student workload?
Students are given a fair balance of practical projects and theoretical assignments. A typical student’s workload will see 2-3 practical-based subjects per semester and 1-2 theory-based subjects to complement the practical subjects.

2. What internship opportunities does Department of Design offer?
Department of Design has a long list of internship providers gathered from our 10 years of experience in the Design Education Industry. Students have the flexibility of choosing from our list, or propose an internship provider themselves, but we will do a background check on the proposed internship provider, to check whether they are a legitimate design firm registered with relevant professional bodies.

3. Is it possible to study abroad?
We have a list of distinguished University partners from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy & South Korea that accept flow-through from Department of Design to their respective Design Faculties/ Schools.

4. How much will my art supplies typically cost?
Students will have to buy their art materials most of the time, and they range between RM 200 and RM 400 per semester. The Department of Design is Going Green, whereby 50% of our project submissions are in a softcopy format!

5. Are computers available to students on campus?
There are 8 computer labs on campus, and 2 of the labs are designated for Design students. They are: 3D & Animation Lab and the iMac Lab (total of 50 high end Desktop Computers). Students are allowed to use the labs with prior booking. We are also subsidising Alienware laptops to students who are eligible*, as part of our study tools incentive.

6. What does the faculty expect to see in the portfolio?
We wish to see original idea development in an applicant’s portfolio. We would love to see how an applicant tells a ‘story’ of how his / her journey in developing design in the most graphical way possible!