Visiting Thai students enriched their English proficiency during study visit |

Visiting Thai students enriched their English proficiency during study visit

Students from Rajabhat University brainstorming for ideas at workshop
Thirteen students from Rajabhat University, Thailand recently improved their English proficiency by taking the opportunity to further advance their knowledge in the Holiday English programme at KDU College Penang campus on 26 June 2012.

The students, who travelled for more than 4 hours during their holiday visit to Penang, started their journey early as part of their short trip to one of the most beautiful tourist destination in South-East Asia. Being part of a study trip, these students took the chance to grasp insights and update their knowledge on the English language by practicing effective speaking, listening and writing in English through activities, games and experiential activities conducted by KDU's Centre for English Language.

This English proficiency enrichment program was facilitated by Ms Jasamine Ooi who is the Academic Department Head for KDU's Centre for English Language. One of the most integral parts of the program was to enlighten the students to read and write using correct grammar components. The session had students bursting into laughter when they had a sharing interaction on speaking the right grammar. After a short break, the students worked in small groups and explored educational research.

There was plenty of buzz going around with the students learning to also paraphrase and use referencing skills for their research and were given equal opportunities to develop and write a research proposal using the correct style and heading as well. Most of the students who come for this one of a kind Holiday English program by KDU have a lot fun as they explore the Queen's English using experiential learning techniques.

According to Jasamine Ooi, participants such as the 13 Thai students today learn more by engaging themselves in lots of games, quizzes and activities to make learning enriching, fun and communicative. This was certainly proven as the classroom environment was never a dull moment as the students participated actively during the learning exercises using experiential learning strategies between the facilitators and their peers.

KDU's Centre for English Language is also 15 year old school which conducts English workshop and programmes for various institutions around the world and its English Language courses are especially popular among high school and post-graduate students, working adults, and even pre-service and in-service teachers. There are many international students from nations like Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, India, Turkey, Pakistan and many more coming to pursue their language studies with KDU. Besides learning English, students may also choose to pursue their education in Diploma or Degree programmes.

Here at KDU College, students are prepared to function in a global economy by broadening their perspective and assisting them to gain greater insights into crosscultural perspectives. All programmes are Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) approved allowing for easy credit transfer to other local learning institutions in Malaysia.

With partner universities such as Northumbria University and IMI University Centre from Switzerland, KDU graduates stand head and shoulders above others in the industry.

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