Useful Tips Before Students’ England Trip |

Useful Tips Before Students’ England Trip

George Town, 24 July 2018 - WILL £2,000 (RM10,590) be enough for a Malaysian undergraduate to spend in Lincoln, England, while on a two-month summer school programme?

The answer would be yes, going by the weekly spending of the University of Lincoln’s public relations student George Smith.

“In Lincoln, I need about £70 (RM370) a week. About £100 (RM530) if I eat out a little more. So bringing £2,000 ought to be enough,” he shared with KDU Penang University College students during a networking session.

The session was held when Smith, along with 11 others, were spending three weeks in KDU Penang on a study tour in June. They sat down with 12 KDU Penang students who, in turn, were heading to Lincoln for their summer school programme.

Smith was also quick to recommend the KDU students try out the ‘carveries’. A carvery is a popular food outlet style in England where cooked meat is freshly sliced for customers with unlimited servings of side dishes such as potatoes and vegetables for a fixed price.

“Try the family-run ones. They give more meat,” Smith told the KDU Penang students.

Accounting and finance student William Anns suggested the old English favourite — fish and chips. But he stressed that the best fish and chips are usually found in seaside towns where freshly caught fish are used.

The Lincoln students even showed the KDU Penang students phone apps to download that would help them find trains and buses to get around. Business management student Luke Stokes offered the Penang students a peek into English culture.

He said while London has become cosmopolitan, Lincoln, which is a university town with a population of about 90,000, was still “typically English”.

“English folk are orderly and simple. We patiently queue and seldom rush about. If something unhappy happens, we usually bite our tongue and won’t express our dissatisfaction,” he told the Penang students.

Among the KDU Penang students were business management student Carol Loh, who along with 11 others, will enjoy free stays during their summer school programme courtesy of University of Lincoln.

They only need to pay for their KDU Penang semester fees of about RM3,000 for the experience.

Loh, who is visiting England for the first time, said they each prepared about £2,000, which they hoped would be enough.

“We will be staying together in the students’ accommodation provided by University of Lincoln. I plan to do a lot of cooking, so I won’t spend so much on food,” she said.

Fellow student Richie Lee said their return flight tickets cost them about RM4,200 each.

“This is may be our chance in a lifetime to spend such a long time in England and we will make the best of it. Our summer school programme lasts seven weeks but most of us will stay on for another week or more. We plan to do some backpacking and maybe even visit France after our programme,” he said.