A ticket to a brighter future |

A ticket to a brighter future

George Town, 10 March – It was a day to remember for A-level Science student Ruburika Nagao as she became KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang)’s highest achiever for the November CIE exams. Nagao bagged 3A*1A to receive the campus’ top recognition this time around for the Centre for Pre-University Studies (CPUS).

Nagao expressed that her excellent results were down to the dedication of her lecturers. “My greatest gratitude goes to the academic staff. They were passionate in teaching the subjects and were very helpful”. Nagao also said that had it not been because of her lecturers’ commitment, she would have had a hard time getting this far.

When speaking about her programme, Nagao also shared on how the facilities helped her during her studies. “KDU Penang has well-equipped labs for practical assessments, which enable the students to carry out experiments individually. The library here is excellent as it has numerous books for students to refer from, besides having a study area and discussion rooms”.

However, Nagao also said that while good results are important, life as a student does not revolve around studying only. “Since joining KDU Penang, I have participated in pulsating CPUS club activities and volunteered in many events”.

Kavinnd a/l Radhakrishnan, who got an A*, 2As and 1B also gave the CPUS lecturers credit for their passion and dedication in helping students grasp a better understanding of the subjects. Ng Wei Lun, who managed 3As and 1B, thanked all his lecturers for their guidance in helping him to achieve his targets.