Team-building Camp for the Mobility Students |

Team-building Camp for the Mobility Students

George Town, 5 August 2019 – Many of us may ask how is it possible for 14 people to stand together on half a sheet of newspaper without falling?

A total of 168 students from Vietnam figured it out during their team-building activities in two-days, one-night camp at Batu Ferringhi from 3rd August until 4th August 2019. They stood on each other’s feet and carried a few to fit onto that half a sheet of newspaper and stayed there for 5 seconds.

“We took quite a long time to think of how 14 of us could stand on such a small space. We carried the lightweighted students on our shoulders and stepped on many feet to complete this game,’ said Ngo My Hanh, one of the participants of this camp.

This camp was organised by KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang) in conjunction with the “Mobility Programme” by the Department of Languages, KDU Penang. The main initiative of this camp was to brush-up the students’ English proficiency and give them the confidence to communicate in English.

In another challenge, the students were required to look at a set of things prepared by the organizer and list down the things they saw within 2 minutes.

“We managed to memorise all the things but we had some difficulties writing them down without spelling mistakes. This game is a good practice for us to write English words and memorise the names of things,” said Pham Mai Khanh.

The students also took a walk along the Batu Ferringhi night market to soak in the local cultures, Penang’s famous hawker food and enjoyed their night by the beach.

“This camp is our first initiative for mobility students and it was successful. The students will get more involved in their studies if we provide outdoor activities for them to apply what they learn in their classrooms,” said Wendy Wong, the coordinator of this camp and also a lecturer of Department of Languages, KDU Penang.

KDU Penang always focuses on practical education for students to get a better understanding of their programme. KDU Penang boasts a diverse student population with international students coming over from 64 countries, in keeping with the multicultural nature of Malaysia. KDU Penang expects more international students after opening its flagship campus at Batu Kawan by this year.