Students get a glimpse of cybercriminal’s mind in mock cyber-attack |

Students get a glimpse of cybercriminal’s mind in mock cyber-attack

KDU's IT and Engineering students recently had the opportunity to learn more about cyber crimes on 24th May 2011 through a talk on "Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures" by the EC-Council. The talks were organized recently to raise awareness about security issues such as phishing attacks and other cyber crimes such as credit card and identity theft to young adults.

During the talk, Marketing Manager, Ven Ping shared about various types of cyber crimes such as the recent targeted phishing scheme that struck the local bank industries. The audience were immersed into an interactive environment as he explained and showed how the attackers are able to pose as trusted senders with email addresses similar to the bank's domain. He also explained on the flow the attacker goes through during the hacking process such as reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and lastly clearing tracks.

Talks like these were useful with more and more cyber crime cases being reported recently. There have also been rising trend calls for more awareness from the public instead of waiting to be the next victim of such threats. Ven Ping also urged students who are pursuing the IT programmes to fully equip themselves with technology and knowledge by understanding how perimeter defenses work. Students who are keen to enroll in these Certified Ethical Hacker courses will also learn about how intruders escalate privileges and learn what steps can be taken to secure a system. The intensive 5-day course is a very sought after qualification by recruitment managers as it is also recognized for meeting the CNSS 4013 Advanced Level training standard for System Administrators by the United States Government National Security Agency (NSA).

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