Singing Praises of Our National Anthem – on Facebook too |

Singing Praises of Our National Anthem – on Facebook too

GEORGE TOWN, 16 SEPTEMBER 2018: A music video of Negaraku in five languages has become a trending hit on Facebook. Sung in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Tamil and also sign language, it has scored about 290,000 views, 5,000 likes and 300 shares. It was delivered by mass communication diploma students of KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang), with the music played using a guitar, electric guitar and digital piano.

The rendition, uploaded on the eve of Merdeka, begins with Negaraku sung in the official Bahasa Malaysia version, followed by a male vocalist who sang: “Oh my country, the land where I belong where people live in united harmony”. Those who are interested to listen to the students’ version of Negaraku can watch the video in the Facebook page “Standby Rolling Action – KDU Penang University College”.

“We decided to create a memorable experience by singing our national anthem in different languages as a symbol of our multiracial country,” said Dr Tan Lee Ooi, head of the School of Mass Communication, KDU Penang.

Dr Tan, a journalist-turned-academician, penned the English version while the other lyricists were the campus’ mass communication lecturers Lim Shiang Shiang (Mandarin) and A. Pavithara (Tamil). In the video, the student chosen to sing in Tamil is Sarawakian Esther Ping Dominic, who is part Chinese, part Kenyah.

Based on the many Facebook comments, the music video was also viewed by Indonesians, with one posting questions to find out how many “provinces” Malaysia has and how many languages Malaysians speak. Dr Tan said it took the team three days to shoot and edit the video in the campus’ recording studio.

The video was launched by KDU Penang vice-chancellor Dr Chong Beng Keok, who also had a cameo appearance in it.