Science Challenge 2018 |

Science Challenge 2018

George Town, 18 July 2018 - KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang) is back again with its 3rd annual Science Challenge.

This event involved over eighty students spanning from nine schools from Penang contending against each other to acclaim the Mathematics and Science prodigy title. It is an event much looked forward to as one of the ways which realises science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education among school students. Hence, it bears the main objective of promoting STEM amongst SPM students and emphasising on the use of English Language in the teaching of Mathematics and Science.

The launching ceremony was inaugurated by the University College’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Brian C. Imrie, who took the stage to offer a welcoming speech highlighting the objectives of the challenge, making the participants pumped up with his motivating briefing.

The challenge involved the theoretical and practical aspect of STEM. It was evident that the participants were ever ready to jump into the first round of challenge with a paper based theory test paper which put the participants’ Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Critical Thinking knowledge and ability to the test. The participants from the same team were allowed to discuss the questions as they worked together indulging into heavy discussions throughout the entire session to successfully solve the challenging questions.

On the other hand, the participants that were to involve in the science related practical activity delved into rapid, serious discussion and cooperation, helping each other out to build an efficient catapult. The objective of this activity was to promote teamwork throughout as this skill is necessary in every graduate to prove their collaborative ability in the ever developing globalised environment.

The final five teams that scored the highest in the two events above were successfully qualified to participate in the next round of the challenge. They were given a task to answer questions through an online interactive platform. It was a battle to victory within the remaining five teams. The teammates of each team had to work smart and quick together in order to provide the most accurate answer within the shortest amount of time to ensure that they successfully grasp the points away from other teams and ace that round as well.

The grand finale came to an end with the much awaited moment where the prize winners were announced. The champion team was from SMJK Chung Ling winning a prize of RM 500 cash along with certificates, the first runner-up team was from SMK Bukit Jambul who won themselves a prize of RM 300 cash along with certificates and finally the second runner-up was a team representing Penang Chinese Girls’ School where they bagged a prize of RM 200 cash and certificates as well. The rest of the participants were all awarded a certificate of participation.