Pattaya City Culinary Cup Challenge 2012 |

Pattaya City Culinary Cup Challenge 2012

24 July 2012: Depart Penang by TG426 via Bangkok, then by road to Pattaya Thailand
29 July 2012: Returned back to Penang by TG425

CHEFS ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA, PENANG CHAPTER is honored and privileged to be invited to send a team of 5 members comprising of 3 chefs, 1 pastry chefs and 1 team manager as a representative from Malaysia for this 3rd Pattaya City Culinary Cup Challenge 2012, Which was held at the Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall @ PEACH Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand from the 26 July 2012 to 28 July 2012.

There were a total of 15 teams comprising 9 international invited teams plus 6 Thai Provincial teams for this 3rd Series of the Pattaya City Culinary Cup Challenge 2012, spreading over a 3 days of competition.

The competition proper commenced from 10.00am – 3.15pm, a total time duration of 5 hours and 15 minutes. Each team is expected to complete a buffet serving comprising of the main course of 10 set plated of mystery protein (made known only on day of competition) within a time frame of the 1st two hours, which means to be ready by 1.15pm of the actual cooking time which starts at 11.15am, after the initial kitchen setup, ingredients acquisition and seafood collection 15 minutes.

This very particular and unique type of competition is very tough and hard, which prove to be a challenge and in testing all teams to its limit in all areas of its expertise in the culinary fields, which include endurance, patient, skill, experience, planning and last but not least, the efforts of a combined team work.

Our Malaysian Team represented by Penang Chefs Association emerged and came home with a Silver Medal in this 3rd Pattaya City Gourmet Seafood Challenge 2012. Our team members comprised of Chef Thomas See – Team Manager, Chef Darren Tan Yeok Ping – Team Leader, Chef Chuah Lay Yen, Chef Kuet Ean Ean and Chef Khor Ying Jia. For information the Panel of Jury comprised of 8 distinguished and very experienced international judges from all over the world, as far as Czech Republic, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan and Asean Nation.

The Malaysian Team Menu:

The Main Course:
Stew Duckling with Thai Oranges
(10X portions of Main Course)

The Buffet:
20 portions of Each

Crabmeat salad
with yoghurt, watermelon and lettuce

Cold Appetizer Treasure of the sea
marinated cockle and hard clam with lime dressing

Neptune Delight
spicy seafood soup with seafood dumpling

Cold Tapas
Oyster custard with soy dressing
Salad gravlax with pineapple relish

Main Course
Golden melon rice with spicy seafood
Vegetarian mousse with sauté vegetables
Pan fried seabass with sauté cream vegetables

Patachou with sour yoghurt clafoutis and chocolate cream
Pistachio pudding with basil mango compote
Passion fruit mousse, raspberry coulis and walnut crust

Penang Malaysia also sent in 2 Diploma-Professional Chef Training (PCT) student in Tchey Soon Wi and Gan ZiNeng for the Brunch Plated Dishes Competition (Live Cooking) and the Modern Asian Meal Competition. Both of them also won and brought back 2 Bronze Medals of their Respective events.

"Syabas" to all for their spirited display and team efforts.

There were all together 3 full time training put in by the Themed Buffet Team in perfecting own coordination, our preparation and creations. Also, extra efforts were being put in on our individual skill especially in gaining more and better confidence and experience by having more frequent training in enhancing our culinary skill in particular, also in fine-tuning the recipes.

Our Vision & Mission

In encouraging our members (Young & Professionals) to enter and in participating in all different types of culinary competitions in enhancing their skill and in applying them to the best of their experiences. Further training and lecturers will also be provided by the Chef Association in collaboration with the school or colleges.