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Mary Kay Talk

Beauty and Brains: KDU Penang Plays Host to a Mary Kay Dazzling Grooming and Wellness Workshop.

"How many of you live under the sun? Well, how many of you live above the sun?"

This was the question asked by Mary Kay cosmetics representative, Ms. Selina Tan at the grooming and wellness workshop recently. Proper skincare and UV protection is essential for everyone under the sun, and KDU College Penang was proud to play host for this unique workshop on the 5th of August 2011, as part of our initiative to improve the grooming skills of our on-campus community better.

Sponsored by Mary Kay, this workshop demonstrated how students and staff alike could enhance their daily grooming routine. This included proper facial cleansing techniques, makeup application, and a short session on the importance of adequate sun protection. The workshop consisted of an afternoon and evening session, and students clamored for days to reserve the limited seats for both.

Of course, no workshop is complete without freebies. Students and staff alike were given the opportunity to sample various Mary Kay products like scrubs, creams and face masks. The rich, botanical aroma of herbs and forest fruit filled the air as participants of the workshop practiced scrubbing, cleansing and properly moisturizing their skin. It is without a doubt that a riotous and informative time for all.

By the end of the workshop, all participants were invited to any of the Wisdom Touch Sdn. Bhd. offices for yet another four free grooming sessions. Places at these additional sessions were snapped up eagerly, and all participants left the workshop with a newfound awareness and respect for their personal well-being. This event shows that here at KDU Penang, we aim not only to educate but also nurture our students, by giving them the tools they need to show their best selves to the world.

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