A-Level top scorers dedicate achievement to lecturers |

A-Level top scorers dedicate achievement to lecturers

40% of Advanced level students obtained 3As or more in the recent November CIE exam with Ruburika Nagao as the top scorer 3A*s and 1A followed by Dicky Chow Siew Hang with a score of 2A*s and 2As. For AS Level, 30% obtained 3As and above and out of this pool of students, 60% of them received straight As.

"My greatest gratitude goes to the lecturers here. They were passionate in teaching the subjects and were very helpful", said Nagao following her excellent results. Ng Wei Lun, who obtained 3As and 1B also thanked his lecturers for his results. "They also played an important role in boosting my confidence when it comes to giving presentations and speaking in front of public", he said. Another high achiever, Kavind a/l Radhakrishnan who obtained an A*, 2As and 1B, said "The passionate and dedicated lecturers here really helped the students grasp a better understanding of the subjects".