KDU Penang University College Organises Technicolour Festival |

KDU Penang University College Organises Technicolour Festival

George Town, 10 October 2018 – A team of 47 students and close to 200 other student-volunteers raised a whopping RM138,000 in just a few hours for charity in KDU Penang University College’s Technicolour Festival.

The earnings came from a crowd of over 5,000 visitors to the one-day festival held in Straits Quay on Oct 6 and it will go directly to helping poor families.

Technicolour Festival organising chairman Dennis Ooi, who is a final year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel & Tourism Management, said by working with the Penang Social Welfare Department, students will visit underprivilege families and help them improve their quality of life.

“With RM138,000 we hope to help as many families as possible. Each family has different needs. Some need basic supplies. Some need furniture to have a decent home. So we will assess their needs and help them,” he said, thanking festival visitors who supported KDU Penang students projects.

Unofficially, the organising committee named themselves “The Nightowls”, and KDU Penang student service department manager Joey Phuah said it was because of the late nights that went with the planning.

“It took three months to plan the one-day festival and the 47 students in the committee gave their best efforts. I thank the students who worked through the nights and created a well-planned the festival that attracted so many visitors and tourists,” said Phuah.

At the festival, another 18 students from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for making 801 mocktails within 40 minutes.
The team and their lecturer Prakash R. Jegathesan successfully completed the “The Most Number of Mocktails Served” challenge. R.J Prakash said it was his dream for the last 10 years to help his students achieve the record and the Technicolour Festival was the right place for them make the dream a reality.

Deputy Chief Minister II Prof. Dr. P. Ramasamy, Exco member for Tourism Development, Heritage, Culture & Arts Yeoh Soon Hin and office manager of Malaysia Book of Records Lee Pooi Leng were among the guests present at this festival.

“I appreciate the students of KDU Penang organising this large fund-raising festival for raise fund to help the hardcore poor in Penang.” said Prof. Dr. P. Ramasamy.“KDU Penang collaborated with the state Social Welfare Department under a charity programme called “Home Help Programme” to channel the funds raised in the festival to help JKM beneficiaries.” he added. He also pointed out that Penang is one of the states that is rich in multicultural heritage.

“Now, we are glad that KDU Penang plays its role in providing a platform for us to experience this universal culture,” he said.

This Technicolour Festival brought a wide range of traditional and hi-tech games, food, dances and exhibition to visitors and tourists.