KDU Penang University College is now Environmentally Friendly Campus |

KDU Penang University College is now Environmentally Friendly Campus

George Town, 8 April 2019 – ALL staff members of KDU Penang University College’s (KDU Penang) now have a chance to be eco-friendly in their daily working hours.

KDU Penang Green Club and Student Service Department (SSD) distributed 130 money plants to all the KDU Penang staff members in conjunction with the launch of the “Going Green” concept on the campus.

They also organised an eco-workshop on April 4th, 2019 for new April intake students to create awareness about the importance of 3R: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and protecting the KDU Penang environment to create an eco-friendly campus.

“Reducing, reusing and recycling is the basic mantra to save Earth and keep the global climate change at bay,” said Kimberly Wong, the environmentalist from Penang Green Council. Zero-waste practice should start with everyone at home to make it a regular practice and keep our environment more sustainable,” she added during the eco-workshop.

She pointed out that all KDU Penang students must know the value of waste items and keep reusing it in creative ways to keep the campus sustainable and eco-friendly.

“As a green campus, we encourage the students to practice 3R daily and minimize the use of paper,” she added.

To kick off green practices in KDU Penang, SSD is throwing a challenge to all departments, known as The Paper-less Attempt.

“This challenge will start from April 8, 2019 until October 8, 2019 and compares all the departments’ paper usage with the corresponding period of the previous year.

The department that is able to reduce its paper usage the most wins the challenge,” said Joey Phuah, the manager of SSD.

The results of this challenge will be announced during KDU Penang’s Award Night on November 2019.

The eco-friendliness of KDU Penang will go up another notch when it opens its flagship campus at Metropolis Batu Kawan this year which feature modern day energy-saving features.