KDU Penang’s Celcom partnership brings students’ ideas into reality with App Lab Zero-coding Challenge |

KDU Penang’s Celcom partnership brings students’ ideas into reality with App Lab Zero-coding Challenge

Celcom LEDC Team posing with KDU IT and Engineering students at KDU College Penang.
KDU College Penang has always pride itself in giving its students the edge through top notch synergy partnerships. This has been recently proven again as the Computing and Information Technology Department of KDU College Penang and Celcom Axiata Berhad's collaboration once again reached new heights as it brought new opportunities for students to pitch their ideas in the App Lab Zero-coding Challenge.

A long term collaboration between these two giants, the League of Extraordinary Developers Challenge (LEDC) Campus Program is currently on its second year to nurture and generate interest among students in bringing new ideas to reality through avenues such as games design workshops and training. The program is very popular at the moment as it is open to students particularly from Computer Science and Engineering schools or anyone with interest in mobile content industry. Through their participation in these special workshops, KDU students were able to materialize their ideas through various content applications such as creating Operating Systems (OS) for Blackberry, Android and Symbian platform devices.

This is certainly useful for the future from the looks of how mobile apps are now engaging people of all generations around the world. It opens a world of IT business opportunities and it is possible to reap the rewards of this trend if one has unique ideas and skill sets to capture this market. As such, Mr. Gan Yeow Jin, Developer Program Manager for Celcom fully supports this initiative with KDU Penang and expresses that, "This joint initiative encourages innovation, and the students learn early to develop apps with commercial potential". He also named a few apps which are currently the coolest free apps in the market such as Bump, Shazan, Waze and Draw Something. It is hoped that this initiative will in due time, help to produce future young Malaysian develop will be capable of developing the next big thing in the mobile app. industry.

The winners of the App Lab Zero-coding Challenge will have the chance to get their applications developed under the guidance and mentoring of industry experts together with the opportunity for revenue sharing contract opportunities with Celcom. Towards end of the session, the winners were called with Low Jia You for bagging 1st Prize, Ng Yong Jye for 2nd Prize and Reny Ho Eng Pin for 3rd Prize as the event drawed to a close.

For student Low Jia You, who is currently pursuing the KDU Diploma in Computer Studies, his idea for a TNP Calculator (Toll and Petrol Calculator) was not particularly novel. However, what really made him pursue this concept despite that was his dedication to improve a driver's journey and financial savings by creating an app which improves the driver's knowledge in the calculation of petrol and estimates of toll charges as well as keeps the driver informed on accidents on the road taken or forecasting slow traffic ahead. Excited over his winning of a smart handphone - Samsung Galaxy Y, Low said, "I am glad the winnings came with an Android Apps Training which will help to further enhance my knowledge".

It is through industry partnerships such as these that the KDU Computing and Information Technology Department thrives in increasing the employability of its graduating students. This is deemed exceptionally important for its students as it exposes them to expectations of the industry early so it motivates the students in constructing future R&D ideas to cater for the needs of the future societies when they graduate next time.

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