Healthcare Professionals Day 2011, Officiated by YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng |

Healthcare Professionals Day 2011, Officiated by YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng

B. Braun Medical Industries is given the honor to organize the Healthcare Professionals Day 2011, which was held on 23rd July 2011. This function is a collaborative effort between PSC–Medical Health, Life Sciences and KDU College Penang.

B. Braun Medical Industries is a Pillar Leader for Medical Health and Life Science, Sunrise Industry. The Pillar members of this Industry includes the following Companies:
  • Agilent Technology
  • Zontron Pharmaceuticals
  • Island Hospital
  • Gleneagles Medical Center
  • Penang Adventist Hospital
  • Pantai Hospital
  • Business Wise Consulting

As a Pillar Leader, the Company have organize various activities for the Industry. Some of the major activities that B. Braun have organized are Inter-school Science Competition, Children Adventure Camp and Med Tech Competency Program for workforce and students alike.

The objective of the Healthcare Professionals Day 2011 is many fold, however, to name a few, they are:
  • To inculcate awareness and nurture interest amongst students on the availability of various healthcare career opportunities.
  • Explore how each discipline can interact with another as a team provide the best quality patient care.
  • To understand the knowledge, skills, competencies and work requirements and environment in the healthcare industry.
  • To assist students in obtaining a career in the health care industries that matches their strength.

For B. Braun, 2010 has been a very significant year for the Company, B. Braun has been awarded Gold medal by Malaysian Society for Occupational Health and Safety. The Company have also received two awards from the Malaysian HR Award 2010, namely, Silver medal for HR Excellence and Bronze medal for HR Innovation.

Additionally, because the Company's healthy financial results and the proven commitment, the Company have gain the trust of its Chairman Prof. Dato L.G. Braun to further invest in B. Braun Penang. A RM1.7 billion investment will see a tremendous changes in B. Braun Penang. These changes not only will transform the physical buildings of B. Braun into a much more state-of the-art setup but will also change the way its employees think and work. Today, B. Braun is no longer only a workbench manufacturing, it is also the Center of Excellence (CoE) of Intravenous Access (IVA). All these upcoming changes will require different level of knowledge and skills. For that, the company is committed to provide continuous learning via the B. Braun Business School.

These remarkable achievements and the entrusted future expansion opportunities are basically due to 1 important factor – the Company's dedicated and committed employees. Over the years, with the support from our employees, the Company have involved itself in many community projects such as tree planting, B. Braun for Children welfare support and so on. Not only that, the Company is actively introducing new technology to save energy, changing the material used for it's products (for example, PVC & DEHP free), introducing pitch oil to reduce sulfur content to the environment and so on. The Company strong belief in green environment have given them an excellent recognition in March 2010 - The Honorable Mention for Outstanding Work Award in the category of Environment from Prime Minister Corporate Social Responsibility Award.


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