Greater Dive in Career Development |

Greater Dive in Career Development

George Town, 2 February 2018 – As students equip themselves with knowledge, it is also necessary to focus on personal development.

“The competition is high among fresh graduates to find jobs, so students must improve their critical thinking skills, conversational abilities and other talents to enhance their potential to compete with other job candidates,” said Mr Alvin Ng Khem Hoong, a representative from Lifework Staffing Services.

Lifework specializes in services such as payrolling and training and Mr Ng was at KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang) recently to conduct a career talk titled “Greater Dive in Career Development” on 2nd February, 2018.

KDU Penang’s Career and Placement Centre regularly partners with companies to conduct such talks to give students a clearer perspective on their career options and job prospects, and this talk was attended by students from the School of Computer Science and Business who are undergoing internships. Mr Ng also showed students how to turn their weaknesses into strengths and outlined how to enhance various traits that employers look for in fresh graduates.

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