Gopeng Camp Outing Enables Design Students to Think Out of the Box through Creativity |

Gopeng Camp Outing Enables Design Students to Think Out of the Box through Creativity

It was a back to nature field trip to remember as over 40 Design students from KDU College Penang embarked on this camping trip to Gopeng, Perak on 16th October 2010.The purpose of this trip is to provide a new learning experience for students and open up more ideas for their assignments.

Learning took a new angle when students explore the outdoors within groups to cultivate individual participation and responsibilities towards people and environment, commitment, plus living together as a team. Each team had a busy time preparing and working on their assignments, which ended with their project presentation at the Adeline's Rest House in Gopeng, Perak. Some teams were given project to build a sculpture made from materials that can be found on and around the rest house.

This is then accompanied by research and sketches as proof of development. Meantime, teams currently taking photography classes were assigned to capture and compile a series of photographs that depict nature and environment. Students had an exhiliarating time when the sesions includes jungle tracking to nearyby waterfall as they took a cool bath in the mid sunny afternoon. Teams from video production class had to create a documentary based on the activities held during the trip.

It was pleasant memories for the students to be back at campus after an awsome experience such as watching the river rafting experience, savouring yummy food served at the resthouse, the rubber tapping experience, jungle trekking and a visit to the Orang Asli's Rest Houses despite the freezing cold night.

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