Experiential learning experience KEY for KDU students |

Experiential learning experience KEY for KDU students

Team J-Spy represented by (from Left) Dr Yeap Gik Hong -Program Leader, Prakash Ghandhi, Jimmy Chai Yow Kang and Gerard Boey, Business & Research Development Manager won Merit Prize in MDeC-IHL Business Plan 2012 Competition. Lee Kuan Hong Winner of Giant Chair Design Competition in Penfurnex Furniture Exhibition Lee Kuan Hong
KDU College believes in nurturing students' by inspiring them for greater heights and this is reinforce recently through various experiential learning applied in various academic disciplines.

Recently the lecturers from KDU's School of Engineering, Science and Technology has taken a another unique proactive approach towards equipping students with soft skills by setting up a Peer '2' Peer Guidance Program which counsel and coach students who are academically weak. Students who are high achievers were selected to pair with a peer for weekly coaching on their studies. This program is proving to be extremely valuable for both weak and high achiever students alike. These peer mentors cutely called 'CCs' for course consultants benefit in a way too as mentoring their peers had helped them in managing people through soft skills approach, a positive criteria human resource managers seek

during recruitment these days. Besides contributing their invaluable time, effort and commitment, they are a source of inspiration especially when coaching new students as it has helped them in the transition to university life. Lecturers have seen better understanding on the topics during lectures for these weak students as well.

From mentoring programs to harnessing innovativeness, students of KDU are always encouraged to send their ideas or works of art for any competition to culture their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills for the future. As such, its student's recent success of another MDeC-IHL Business Plan 2012 Competition goes to show that our students are groomed to be tomorrow's young entrepreneurs. The two winning teams won 1st runner-up prize worth RM7000.00 and Merit Prize of RM1500 respectively and this is a positive sign for KDU as for the past twoconsecutive years, teams sent by KDU has won numerous finalist prizes in the yearly challenge.

Another successful result of KDU experiential learning activities in classrooms has been Interior Design student Lee Kuan Hong's achievement recently in winning RM1000 cash in the Giant Chair Competition organized by Penfurnex on 22 June at PISA. For him, his proud moment was to stand next to his work of art and being photographed by members of the press. His winning piece stands at 20 feet with visitors taking the opportunity to guess the weight of the giant chair. Lee also mentioned that this platform has definitely helped to groom him to be a more confident designer and thanked his lecturers in KDU for always encouraging them to enter these competitions.

Another program that complements experiential learning is the newly launched MyCenTHE Program, a Work-Based learning Diploma in Hotel Management program which is part of the Government's NKEA-EPP Malaysia Centre for Tourism & Hospitality Education project which is already running in full swing in East Malaysia as well as the Central Region. According to Miss Cindy Loh who is the Program Leader for Teaching & Learning for the school, this program which also comes a monthly allowance for its 11 month industry stint is truly unique as it also exposes the students from the get-go to the unique operations procedures of the hotel or resort that the student is attached to. This unique learning style will ensure that the student is exceptionally familiar the hotel's unique SOPs upon graduation which will undoubtedly automatically boost its employability opportunities next time.

In KDU, you will have opportunities to realize your dreams. New methodologies and exposure to the latest technologies will drive you to achieve concrete learning outcomes. Our courses are based on discipline specific methods such as problem based, task-based and project-based learning in addition to lectures, demonstrations and tutorials. This mixed-mode of learning concept ensure that out graduates are readily employable in a variety of career opportunities.

KDU's continued achievements solidifies its commitment to provide quality education, more importantly, a platform for students to develop a healthy self esteem towards job responsibilities. Do come and discover your hidden creative talents and identify directions for further studies and career advancement.

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