Churning Out Employable Grads |

Churning Out Employable Grads

George Town, 9 August 2018 - NEW job vacancies come up every day, but for some fresh graduates, it does not mean they will score a job right away. For the last eight years, KDU Penang University College Student Placement manager, Anna Lim has made it her life’s mission to make sure the campus’ graduates are gainfully employed within six months after leaving.

“Companies do want to hire fresh graduates but the challenge is finding those who fit their requirements. Fresh graduates have the advantage of being younger and more energetic. They don’t have a baggage of bad habits such as office politics and are capable of injecting new ideas,” Lim pointed out.

Experienced human resource managers would work with institutions like KDU Penang to find new members for their workforce.

“KDU Penang has established good relations with a large number of local and multinational businesses and the number of established companies collaborating with us increases every year. They keep us updated on the kind of manpower they are looking for,” Lim said. “It even helps us tailor our syllabus to make sure our students are ready for the real working environment as soon as they step out.”

Lim said KDU Penang students are required to take internship seriously, “We tell our students to intern in a company they wish they could work in.” By exposing themselves in the company of their choice during their internship, they stand a chance of partly erasing their ‘fresh graduate’ label.

Many KDU Penang students start their careers in the companies where they did their internships or in a similiar establishment. In KDU Penang, there is always a 100% internship placement rate at companies in Malaysia or overseas. KDU Penang also holds annual career fairs with its network of business and most of the companies devise interesting games and challenges for students to take part in.

“One multinational company created a challenge where students had to create an armoured shell for a raw egg using only plastic straws and sticky tape,” Lim said. “Then the students had to climb up a ladder and drop the ‘armoured egg’ to test whether the armour would work. The human resources team kept a lookout for outstanding students with the ability to think out of the box and later requested for their resumes.

“So you see, companies do want to hire fresh graduates and fresh graduates need to stand out from the crowd to get the career of their dreams.”

Lim said KDU Penang is set to become an even larger attraction for human resource managers when its campus in Metropolis Batu Kawan begins operations in 2020. In 2014, Paramount Corporation Berhad inked a deal with Penang Development Corporation to purchase 30 acres (12ha) of freehold land in Batu Kawan.

Ten acres (4ha) of it is the site of the sprawling campus, now in the final stages of completion. The adjoining 20 acres (8ha) is targeted for integrated development and is expected to be a futuristic hub that will support the KDU Penang student body.

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