Campaign to End Loneliness |

Campaign to End Loneliness

George Town, 13 May 2019 - Buckled with only the aim of fostering togetherness while eliminating the attitude of unfriendliness within the grounds of the institution, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Communication and Public Relations students from KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang) organised the Let’s Be Friends Campaign for one month on April 2019.

Prior to the initiation of the campaign, a survey was conducted among the students in KDU Penang and the findings show that a significant number of them listed loneliness as a major issue in students’ campus and social lives.

The campaign kickstarted with an “Express Yourself” board, which was set up for 30 days, for students to express and share their feelings.

Let’s Be Friends campaign also showcased 25 stories, gathered through random interviews with the students. Without revealing the interviewees identities, the students expressed their loneliness and one of them said that he felt a lack of confidence and was uncomfortable talking with other students on the campus because of lifestyle differences. Another unnamed student said she was depressed during group assignments as most of her group members didn’t give cooperation or helped each other.
Pau Xu Chen, 22, expressed her amazement towards the “Express Yourself” board that the organising team set up, which greatly enjoyed the support of the campus body.
“The board started with only a few sticky notes but it eventually became a beautiful attraction for the passersby,” she said.

Sylvia Ruth Santhanasamy, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in New Media and Advertising, said that the concept of the campaign was absolutely unique and attractive.

The closing ceremony of this campaign came to an end with a workshop on “Loneliness and Relationship” by Chueng Kwan Leng, Director of Befrienders, Penang.

“Live in your own way, not others!” she stressed.

Kwan Leng explained that people should live for themselves and not rely too much on other people’s perceptions or opinions. Handling relationships is a part of the loneliness, and she believed that this campaign was more relevant for young adults who have yet to learn to handle relationships well.

Let’s Be Friends Campaign was aimed at promoting a friendlier and more welcoming culture in the campus. It encouraged the students on the campus to open up and make more friends to eliminate loneliness.