Boost Your Skills With IKEA |

Boost Your Skills With IKEA

George Town, 6 February 2018 - “How People Skills and Leadership Can Boost Your Value as a Jobseeker” was the talk recently held at KDU Penang University College (KDU Penang). This career talk was organised by the Career and Placement Centre, KDU Penang, by inviting IKEA Penang to conduct the talk. The main intention of this career talk was to produce multitasking students for Multinational Corporations (MNC) who are to handle globalisation challenges. Mr Donald Lin, Manager of Human Resources, IKEA Penang, shared advice on how to boost skills and leadership spirit for students to work effectively.
“Believe in yourself and carry yourself in a better way because first impressions are very important and your personal characteristics will reflect on your face during the job interview,” said Mr Lin.  He pointed out that KDU Penang’s students must prepare for a stressful working environment and be ready for globalisation challenges.

Mr Lin said that to excel in an international workforce, students must respect cultural differences and embrace diversity because companies like IKEA hire based on merit and do not discriminate based on race and creed. He stressed that students must learn to have good team coordination and hone their leadership skills.
KDU Penang provides holistic education to generate more flexible, multi-skilled graduates to meet industry needs. KDU Penang also frequently collaborates with well-known companies to produce students who can hit the ground running.