Avant Garde 2016 |

Avant Garde 2016

SHTCA students recently held “Avant-Garde Fashion 2016 (AGF 2016)”, an eco-driven fashion show which involves the creative process of transforming a found object or recycled material into a work of art. The fashion show was held at Automall Penang on 5th November. The main objective of this event to create more awareness of the importance of reducing global warming, and how it is easily achievable by every individual. AGF 2016 is an all-day event, in which approximately 17 various nationalities will be showcasing while educating their culture through a language of fashion. Each of these various nationalities along with a booth on their own will allow fellow contestants, guests, and audiences to observe an action-observation demos such as traditional instrument being played, ways of traditional costumes being worn, henna making, and so forth. Further to be involved or simply observed is “Academy Make-up Competition”, creative face-art flair, portraying while applying the Avant-Garde Fashion concept through their creativity in inventing a costume. Avant-garde fashion show and cultural performances, honoring accomplished artists in Penang state or Malaysia along with students from the School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts resembles as melodramatic highlights throughout this AGF 2016 Event upon keeping fellow contestants, guests, along with audiences entertained at all times. Adding on the above, fellow contestants, guests, along with audiences are able to enjoy other activities like shopping from numerous fashion-related local brands, well-known food trucks selling respective signature nourishments filling up hungry tummies or dry throats, and an outstanding photo-booth provided being allowed in creating sweet memories by taking pictures of any desired amount.