A.G.E Final Year Exhibition 2018 |

A.G.E Final Year Exhibition 2018

George Town, 28 August 2018 – Enough with night life haunts and unhealthy entertainment centres. Better to find calm through yoga.

A final year student of KDU Penang University College pursuing her diploma in creative media design offered a wholesome paradigm shift when she embarked on a project idea that turns an entertainment centre into a yoga centre integrated with cafes and parks.

“I came out with an idea of a huge transformation of an original entertainment space into a calming yoga centre,” said Chi Yu Qian. “These days, working adults tend to be overstressed and find ways to release their tensions at clubs and bars till past midnight,” she added.

Chi had a vision in which her yoga centre would be equipped with yoga elements, a café and parks where people can socialise while adopting a healthy lifestyle.

“I usually get inspiration from my daily life because the design is just all about everything around us,” she expressed.

Chi was among 16 students who showcased their final year projects in the A.G.E Final Year Exhibition held on Aug 24, 2018, in First Avenue Mall. This is the finale for the students, who were pursuing their Diploma in Interior Design or Diploma in Creative Media Design. At the opening ceremony, KDU Penang deputy vice-chancellor Associate Professor Dr. Brian Charles Imrie congratulated the students on their bold creativity.

“Design is increasingly central to our modern lifestyle. The homes we live in, the cars we drive and the things we buy are all designed to suit both our preferences and needs. KDU Penang continues to produce talents in the design field by enhancing student’s creativity and innovation through access to real-world design opportunities,” he said in his speech.

The three-day exhibition gave the students a chance to interact with visitors and explain their design philosophy to them. The opening ceremony was also attend by Dato Sri’ Syed Jaafar Syed Ali, Chairman of Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) Penang, Dato Jefri Juan, Director of Vin Kerr Enterprise Sdn Bhd and member of MCPF Malaysia and Community Policing Penang, Ho Chin Keng, Principal Architect of CKHO Architects and Kenny Song, Executive Creative Director of Ken Ray Communication Sdn.Bhd.