2nd Ghee Hiang Power Chef 2019 |

2nd Ghee Hiang Power Chef 2019

Power Chef is a cooking competition organised by School of Hospitality, Tourosm and Culinary Arts, KDU Penang University College annually. This competition aims to bring together secondary school students into a competitive yet friendly competition. It helps the students to discover their talent and passion in the culinary field. Students with passion in cooking are able to have a stage to showcase their cooking skill. This competition will be held in KDU Penang University College.

This year’s competition will be the 2nd Ghee Hiang Power Chef Cooking Challenge, which comprises of two categories. The first category will be the student category, where each competing team will comprise of two members and the event is estimated to attract 50 teams from secondary schools in Penang with a total of 100 participants. The second category will be the amateur category where an estimation of 10 individuals comprising of teachers and public members will compete against one another.
Event Theme:Fusion of Southeast Asia
Event Date:20 April 2019
Event Time:8.30am - 3.00pm
Event Venue:KDU Penang University College