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Ha JungAn

Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management 

When I was deciding where to study abroad, KDU Penang University College caught my interest as it offers an interesting twinning programme between KDU Penang and IMI International Management Institute Switzerland. I was eventually offered a scholarship and so my life in KDU Penang began. It has been really great experience for me as my Malaysian and foreign friends are kind and the lecturers are very friendly.
Ruburika Nagao 


KDU Penang University College accommodates international students well, besides having good facilities and lecturers who are very knowledgeable, they are also caring and approachable. It has a perfect library with a wide range of books for students to refer to. Furthermore, the well-equipped labs enable students to carry out experiments smoothly while they grasp a better understanding of the syllabus. 
Aye Su Paing 

Diploma in Business 

It has been a dream of mine to study overseas and KDU Penang University College has fulfilled that greatly. Besides offering scholarships to all of its international students, the fee is also affordable. That is why I made my choice to study in KDU Penang. The hostel is not very far from the college and it only takes five minutes to travel there. I admit, when I first came here I was rather hopeless but ever since enrolling in Diploma in Business, KDU Penang has made my life more meaningful with the lecturers, staff and students here being so friendly and caring”.
Dinh Thu Ha

BA in International Hotel and Tourism Management

At KDU Penang University College, I can improve my English and other skills which would help me in my future career. KDU Penang is a great choice for me because the staff here treat international students well and the lecturers are professional. The course covers both theoretical and practical part and this make studying more interesting and knowledge can be attained with ease.. 
Phyo Paing 

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Mechatronics) 

I chose KDU Penang University College because I heard great things about Penang and KDU Penang offers a good scholarships. All the staff here are friendly and helpful, and they make me feel like I’m part of their family.
Rumali Sahanika Sirimanne 

Sri Lanka
Diploma in Interior Design  

A strong relationship between the lecturers and students at KDU Penang University College really impressed me. The lecturers are very kind and they are always readily available to guide and assist me. The Theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge taught by experienced lecturers allowed me to further my potential in my passion and goals, and I would praise its excellent teaching quality as well as vibrant learning environment.

Living and studying in Penang is relatively affordable. KDU Penang is often offered competitive tuition fees as well as a range of discounts and scholarships to students. On top of that, my experience here has been remarkable as I have a chance to meet students from all around the world, granting me the ability to see the world from different perspectives and thoughts. This is such an unforgettable life changing journey that I will never forget.
Techapol Kiatpaiboon 

Diploma in Business  

The business school increases the engagement of students by putting their learning into practice. We are actively involved in testing business acumen with enterprising schemes and entrepreneurial projects, all of which contribute to preparing us for the business environment. I was a shy person when I first joined KDU Penang University College. Now, I became more outgoing and I built my own social circle and kick start my own online e-commerce business.

Furthermore, being a student ambassador, there are lots of opportunities and job roles and I have gained significant leadership, teamwork, event management and mentoring skills that enable me to lead productive and enriched lives.

KDU Penang offers a dynamic and a vibrant learning atmosphere to stimulate vast opportunities for students to learn in diverse ways. My two siblings are currently studying here too! My advice to students would be to be just yourself, be confident and believe in your abilities. Once you set up your goal, then go all out to achieve it. Do not be afraid of failures and try until you achieve the goal.
Rohan Bansal 

Diploma in Computer Studies  

As a Computer Science student, I like to explore myself in a variety of software and games. The Department of Computing has a wide range of software packages to support the computer science, computer games, animation, networking and business intelligence curriculum, including tools for software/apps development, mobile development, network simulations and more. The facilities are of industry standard, giving me a feel of the real world before I even step out of the University.

The lecturers are friendly, highly knowledgeable in their respective fields and are more than willing to share their vast experience and groom me to the best of my abilities.

KDU Penang University College has given me the chance to get acquainted with students from other cultural backgrounds and learn about the local culture as well. This has made me feel welcomed, and the new experiences gained have been very exciting.
Mahmudul Hasan 

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering  

KDU Penang University College has an excellent combination of research and industry experience to give me the best of both worlds. The academic experts are researchers who always bring the latest technology innovations into the classroom and make the learning experience very interesting.

The engineering curriculum emphasises on the development of transferable soft skills to allow graduates to work across different job landscapes. As a student, we are required to complete engineering projects which equipping us with skills to solve complex real-world problems. At first, I’m very quiet in class and scared to raise my hand to ask questions. But, the way of teaching by the lecturer make me more energetic and comfortable to ask questions in class. The supervisor is very helpful and give me guidance and advice when I have questions.

I have also participated in the International Student Conference, where student from countries of various cultural backgrounds to share their voice and exchange their point-of-views. It provides me an opportunity to build my network among representatives from around the world.
Hamilton Leung Samantha 

Hong Kong
Diploma in Business 

KDU Penang University College is strategically located in the heart of George Town City and it is highly accessible by public transport. Being in a city campus, the campus is surrounded by a wide array of options and we are just minutes away from shopping complexes, food courts, historical statues and many more about Penang finest attractions. The student hostels are fully furnished and located within walking distance from the campus. The student hostels offer basic amenities including WiFi access and housekeeping to ensure hassle-free student life.

I feel totally comfortable study here for its good learning environment as well as quality campus facilities. I have gained invaluable experiences which have prepared me for my future career through various group works, projects, assignment and activities during my study here. I would like to advise all the students – do not be afraid to step out, if you are facing a new challenge or being asked to do something new, nothing is impossible as dreams will come true if we work hard for it.
Ahkyin Nar Yint Yint Tun 

BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture 

Dare to dream and KDU Penang University College is a perfect platform to make your dream comes true. I’m a sociable person and I like challenging myself for taking part in adventurous activities. The Interior Architecture programme allows me to learn the design process of both interior design and architecture and to delve deeper into the creative aspect of built environment. Besides hands-on experience in design, it also emphasises on project management and feasible project costing.

Besides, I’ve joined KDU’s community outreach programmes, which has provided me a chance to contribute back to the society. Those experiences are invaluable to me.
Luc Thanh Duy 

Diploma in Professional Chef Training 

I’m admiring of KDU Penang University College is the quickness and wiliness of the staff to assist students. The lecturers and chefs are experts from the hotel, tourism and culinary fields and we also had chances to attend classes taught by guest lecturers, such as Master Chefs, Celebrity Chefs and F&B specialists. The lecturers and seniors from School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts always guide and support me when I face difficulties in my projects and assignments.

KDU Penang provides a platform for us to join the International Culinary Arts Competition to improve our cooking skills and techniques, while the international exposure gives us an edge in experience and a wider global perspective. Besides, the school furnishes students with learning facilities in equivalence to professional commercial kitchens such as Butchery Kitchen, Food Production Kitchen, Pastry and Bakery Kitchen to ensure that we are accustomed with industry standard, and are equipped with practical knowledge and skills to remain competitive and marketable in the future.
Kevin Chiuman 

Diploma in Business 

I’m very glad to choose KDU Penang University College because of its strong connection and closer ties with industries as well as the holistic design of the programmes which provide me with the complete and all-round development of essential skills and traits in business. Here, we are exposed to a variety of learning modes which include seminars, lectures, presentations, workshops, and practical sessions in real life scenarios.

Moreover, KDU Penang frequently invites guest lecturers and industry experts to share the real-world life experiences and wide range of topics which we can’t learn in the textbooks. We get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field and it helps us to build important connections between what we are learning and the real world.