Grapevine is a student council of School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA).  All the Students of SHTCA will automatically become members of the Grapevine.  This council helps to share ideas, interest and concerns with lecturers and among students.  Grapevine also help raise fund for charity, social events, community projects etc.

The functions of Grapevine are to

  1. represent to management the views, needs and wants of all students on matters relating to the School;
  2. consider the different needs of national and regional groups within the School and to consider with management how these might be met;
  3. perform such tasks as are necessary to the provision of social, community service and other events within the School for the benefit of students; and
  4. ensure co-operation, goodwill and harmony between all students within the School


  1. To foster a stronger relationship and networking amongst School of Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Arts student member
  2. To act as focal point for student members of the School of Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Arts to voice their concern about their studies in KDU
  3. To complement the efforts of the school in providing a holistic education experience by organizing extracurricular activities that enhances the overall development of character and skills of student members
  4. To develop a strong school unity and to improve the cohesiveness among student members
  5. To further provide avenues for student members to learn and expose to the hotel industry through industry linked initiatives and activities
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