Education trip details

Students: Y1S1, DIP IHTM S2 and YIS2

Subject: Personal Development Planning I & II (BC001 & BC005)

Date: 7 February, 2015 Saturday

Lecturer: Ms Sumiko Cheng Chun Yi

Education trip purposes: To enhance student’s learning experience of the teambuilding with good time management practice. Visit

Scope: Students visited Penang hill located in Georgetown Penang. Students will gain an opportunity to tour around the Penang hill. Students will have been well-trained, learn and maintain good time management skills when accomplishing specific tasks or teambuilding games, projects and goals. Its help to enhance student’s learning process by providing realistic experiences such as leadership skill, communication skill, problem solving, self-management, discipline and etc. Students will be assigned to perform outdoor activity, this is to build rapport and encourage team spirit amongst classmates Students might apply thought skill in their future working environment. Students had enjoyable visitation session and the objectives of this education trip were achieved.

Figure 1: Group photo in front of the Cliff café and entrance of Owl museum.


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