Date: 21 February 2014
Location: Made In Penang Interactive Museum, Georgetown Penang

Students of the BA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management Y2S1 for their Transport & Tourism (TM004) subject went for an educational trip at the Made In Penang Interactive Museum, Georgetown Penang. They were accompanied by academic lecturers: Miss Cheng Chun Yi and Miss Ferny See Siau Fern.

Students travelled to the destination by using public transport (rapid bus: T10). This trains students to understand and experience the different modes of transport with good time management practice in Georgetown Penang. They have been well-trained, learnt and maintained good time management skills when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals. This helped to enhance the student’s learning process by providing realistic experiences such as punctuality, self-management, discipline and etc. Besides that, they experienced the services, facilities and infrastructures which are provided by the government and rapid bus organization.

The visit to the Made in Penang Interactive Museum, Georgetown Penang saw students participating in activities such as “the best photo shoot poses” for students in order to be able to get to know each other. By doing this it will encourage them to develop their own creative ideas and potential.

Moreover, on our way back to KDU College, students had visited the old book stall located at Chowrasta market, Penang road. This was to encourage and train them to explore their learning and reading skills. Furthermore, students have to study and conduct their observation on the history, culture, tradition and daily lives of residents in Georgetown Penang. This will train them to be aware and understand the culture, heritage and background about Georgetown. Students had an enjoyable visitation session and the objectives of this education trip were achieved.

Figure 1: Group Photo on rapid bus Figure 2: Made in Penang Interactive
Figure 3: Group Photo inside the gallery Figure 4: Best photo shoot poses
Figure 5: Bazaar Chowrasta Market Figure 6: Students reading old books


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