Date: 20 and 22 September 2013
Location: Redang Island, Terrengganu.

Students of the Diploma in International Tourism and Hotel Management (DIPIHTM) Sem 3 and BA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management Year 2 Sem 1 E-commerce and Marketing for Hospitality Industry & Transport and Tourism went for an educational trip to Redang Island, Terengganu. There were accompanied by three lecturers, where included Miss Cheng Chun Yi, Mr Jeff Lim Chang Wei and Chef Yuzrem. This education trip was as a partial fulfilment for the course of Marketing & E-commerce which focuses on the exploration of the beauty of Malaysian beach and resorts at Redang Island, Terengganu. The main objectives of this educational trip are:

  1. To enhance student’s learning experience through planning a tour package.
  2. To enrich the students’ knowledge towards Malaysian tourist destinations.

Students were required to act and perform as travel agents through research, study, planning, writing proposals, creating a tour package, find customers among the students, and bring the customers to visit Redang Island.

We departed from KDU College on 19th Sept 2013, 10pm and reached Merang Jetty, Kuala Terengganu around 7.30am. Once we arrived, the tour leader and assistant leader- Ng Zhi Yi and Tan Hui Min Sutton went to collect ferry tickets. The transport person in charge - Ng Jian Kai and Oil Nutthawipa were distributing the tickets for the trip participants. We took approximately 1 hour to transfer to Redang Island from the jetty. Once we arrived, we were welcomed by the hotel receptionist- Ms. Tan. Students were in charge of the entire process of check in and check out of the hotel, room allocation and arrangement, briefing, time runner during this trip. Students were able manage to arrange a package that includes 2 Breakfast, 3 Lunches, 3 High Tea, 2 Dinners, Accommodation, 3 deep sea snorkelling, transportation, and team building activities with a price of RM455.

Students are very cooperative during the entire trip. Students were experienced and explored the beauty of the ocean, crystal clear blue sea, brilliant underwater world, marvellous marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs during the 3 snorkelling trips. On 22nd September 2013, around 6.30 am, we departed from Redang Bay Resort to Kuala Terengganu. We ended the entire trip with local product shopping at Terengganu City. We all were arrived safely at Penang Island at around 8.30pm.

Students enjoyed the activities organized and the objectives of this educational trip were achieved.

The following was the itinerary for the trip:


2200 Depart from KDU College Penang

Day 1 20/9/2013- The Exploration of Redang Island

0730 Arrive at Jetty Terengganu
  Breakfast Craving
0930 Speed boat- move to “Mo Mo Tea” movie shooting area – Redang Island
  Approximately 45 minutes for the trip
  Arrived Redang Island- free and easy
  Students are recommended to utilizes their time to rent their snorkelling equipment
  Lunch and check-in to Redang Bay Resort
1400 Preparation for snorkelling- Snorkelling Session 1
  Explore to the beauty of the ocean, crystal clear blue sea, brilliant underwater world (marvellous marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs that ensure great snorkelling).
1700 Move back to beach area- Team building session 1
1900 Preparation for dinner- free and easy time

Day 2 21/9/2013- Witnesses the Beauty of Marine Park

0900 Depart to Redang Marine Park- Snorkelling Session 2
  The Redang Island Marine Park, administered by the Department of Marine Park Malaysia provides special protection and management for marine areas of national significance. The overall goal will be to protect, conserve and manage in perpetuity marine environments of significance and to encourage the public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of Malaysia’s natural marine heritage by present and future generations of Malaysians.
  It is also an important conservation site for sea turtles.
1300 Lunch at resort restaurant
1430 Preparation for snorkelling- Snorkelling Session 3
1530 Team Building session 2
1900 Preparation for dinner- BBQ Dinner at Redang Bay Resort
  After dinner free and easy

Day 3 22/9/2013- The Safe Journey Back to Penang Island

0700 Breakfast
  Move back to Terengganu Jetty
0930 Local product shopping
1030 Depart to Penang Island 

Photos during the Redang Trip:

Arrived at Redang Island- Transport
from arrival point to Redang Bay Resort
Check in - fully handled by students
Briefing conducted by tour
leaders - room allocation and arrangement
Group photo before snorkelling
session - Dip. IHTM Sem 3
Group Photo - Dip. IHTM Sem 3
and BA IHTM Y2S1
View from Redang Bay Resort
Beach ball session - students and lecturers (ice breaking activity)
Session 1 Team Building Activities
Session 1 Team Building Activities
Session 1 Team Building Activities
Group 1 photo- completed the team building games
Group 2 and Group 3 photos
Group photo after snorkelling session- Day 2


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