Date: 30 and 31 August 2013
Location: Hakka Village in Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau, Penang

Students of the Diploma in International Tourism and Hotel Management (DIPIHTM) Sem 2 and BA in International Hospitality & Tourism Management Year 3 Sem 1 went for an educational trip for their Cultural Studies & International Tourism Development subject at Hakka Village in Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau. They were accompanied by three lecturers, Miss Cheng Chun Yi, Mr Jeff Lim Chang Wei and Miss Suguna Migeemanathan.

We departed from KDU College around 2pm and reached the Hakka Village at 3.30pm. Once we arrived, we were welcomed by the owner of Hakka Village at Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau - Dr. Maggie Fong. After the welcoming speech by Dr. Maggie, students were divided into 5 groups where senior and junior students were mixed in every single group. After the groups were formed, we did some ice-breaking activities for us to be able to get know with each other better. Besides that, students also prepared their BBQ dinner ingredients for the first night.

We had started our second day with a morning exercise - body combat lead by a BA IHTM Year 2 Sem 2 student - Marcus Tan Young Hean. This exercise helps students release their stress at the same time warm up their body for the team building game - Treasure Hunt.  After we had our local breakfast, we started our treasure hunt activity. In order to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game, students were required to protect their assets given by the organizer. Students have to protect their assets (eggs, wafer stick, and cream crackers) during their game.

Throughout this treasure hunt activity, students demonstrated their problem solving skills, team work among team members, importance of playing their own role during the entire competition; these were able to train students to understand the reality of the future working environment. Before we headed back to Georgetown, we were served with Traditional Hakka Cuisine cooked by the local Hakka ladies in the village. Dr. Maggie Fong was also explained the uniqueness of Hakka cuisine and ended with her thank you speech. Students wenjoyed the activities that were organized and the objectives of this education trip was achieved.

Following are some of the photos and caption during the educational trip:

Figure 1: Dr. Maggie Fong Figure 2: Students preparing their BBQ
Figure 3: Morning body combat guided
by student Marcus Tan Young Hean


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