Subject: Tourism Industry (TM002)
Date: 15th August 2013
Time: 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Location: Core Zone, UNESCO Heritage Site, Georgetown, Penang.

Objective of visitation:

  1. To understand and appreciate the rich tangible and intangible resources of attractions and tourism management in the UNESCO Heritage Sites.
  2. To be able to understand the concept of demand and supply through real live case study.
  3. To be able to distinguish between the different forms of tourism, and the relationship of different types of tourist with the environment.
  4. To foster a sense of pride in the rich diversity of local natural resources.
  5. To share a common bond which will hold the society together as a people and as a nation.
  6. To learn on the tourism development plans and programs of government.

Assignment Brief      :

  • Students are assigned to produce an analysis of tourism demand and supply in the selected study area within UNESCO Heritage Sites.
  • Each group will be assigned a specific component of the tourism demand and supply such as accommodation, transportation, tourist attraction, food and beverage, etc.
  • They should also provide an assessment report of the existing resources related to each tourism demand and supply components. Each recommendation provides should concerning the tourism plan component.
  • Submission of the report is on Week 20 of the Academic calendar. Each group is required to give 30 minutes oral presentations, outlining the assessment and the recommendations report.
  Students taking photo at Wall Art
painting at Armenian Street in the Study Area.
Road signboard of the study area. Students are doing survey along Love Lane
Student’s findings of study area:
Joy stick small scale entrepreneurship
The famous Chinese temple
at the clan jetty along Weld Quay.
Goddess of Mercy Temple at Masjid Kapitan Keling.


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