Date    :  15 MAY 2013
Venue    : Foyer Area, KDU College (PG Campus)

KDU Carnival 2013 was jointly organized by Year 3 Semester 1 students and School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (SHTCA). This event was part of the requirement for EM 005 MICE subject. This carnival was the first carnival organized by the school with ‘fun’ as a theme. The half day carnival was divided into few sections such as games section, food stalls section, exotic pets section and art competition section. Apart from that there was also a lucky draw competition for lucky competitors and audience. To make this event more entertaining, there was also a singing performance and break dance performance by talented KDU (PG) students. Audience need to buy coupon booklets for MYR 10 as they had to pay first before they can enjoy themselves in this fun carnival. Games sections offered up to 10 games including board games, traditional games such as tapak gajah and also the eating and drinking competition.

Apart from games, the exotic pet exhibition also drew a big crowd. For this edition, the organizer had invited a exotic pet owners to demonstrate and show their finesse with animals. The exotic animals that were displayed consisted of mixed bred cats that resembled a leopard, and a large variety of snakes. In addition to snakes and eye-catching cats, scorpions of various sizes were on display. The main attraction of the exotic pet exhibition was the two large-sized cobras. Each of the cobras was at least two meters long, one cobra was fairly aggressive, but the other was fairly tame. On-lookers had the opportunity to take pictures with these large reptiles with the supervision of the exotic pet handlers.

The KDU Carnival began at 12:00 P.M. signalling a day of fun. Large crowds immediately gathered as the emcees welcomed one and all to enjoy a day away from the books. Music blared as lecturers and students alike enjoyed games and companionship together. The biggest hit of the event was the game Candy Hunt, students gathered to see their lecturers and their friends dunk their face in flour searching for pieces of candy. Three contestants per round were permitted to compete, the task was to dig for candy, but not with their hands, but with their faces. Contestants were only permitted to use their mouth to dig through the flour for pieces of candy, the hype was unrivalled as students and lecturers pasted their faces with flour.

Games were not the only highlight of the event, there were also main competitions that consisted of eating, drinking, and even more eating. Crowds gathered all around to cheer for their friends as the contestants shoved burgers and pies down their throats, tried to eat hanging donuts on a string, and drank concoctions that people would not normally drink. Contestants struggled as the crowd laughed, smiled, and cheered for their friends. Overall, the environment was cheerful and demanded attention from the entire college as the main competition was smack in the center of the foyer where all would see and pass by. There were a total of three competitions for eating, contestants could choose to compete in eating burgers, pies, or donuts. There were three sections as well for the drinking competition, the competitions were called, ‘Try Your Luck’, ‘Straw Drinking’, and ‘Unlucky 30th’.
While the games proceeded and competitions attracted the attention of many, the art competition was also underway as students majoring in the art field drew pieces of art that reflected the theme ‘carnival’. Easels were set up for each contestant’s stations and they competed for hampers and prizes that consisted of two days one night stay in hotels such as Northam and Tune.

The event proceeded smoothly throughout the day, and time passed quickly as students and lecturers alike enjoyed the games and lively environment. Nearing the end of the day, the emcees brought the crowd together for the prize giving ceremony and the announcement of the winners for the raffle. Winners of the main competitions, which were the eating and drinking competitions, won hampers which consisted of snacks and sodas. Most of the crowd waited for the raffles, as the winners were chosen from a box filled with raffles that were purchased for MYR 10. The prizes consisted of: 1st Prize, two days one night in a deluxe suite at Eastin Hotel, 2nd prize, two days one night in Tune Hotel, and 3rd prize was a voucher for a dinner for two that was MYR 60++. The event concluded with the final winner of the raffles and the emcees bidding farewell to all and wrapping up the KDU Carnival with a bang.


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