Date: 17 May 2013
Venue: KDU Penang, 1st Floor, Teleconferencing Room

SHTCA gave a warm welcome to the faculty from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, who visited KDU College Penang’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts for a benchmarking exercise. Lecturers from both KDU’s SHTCA and Suan Dusit shared knowledge and experience and exchanged ideas in the areas of culinary technology, service and food production. Visitors were brought on a tour of SHTCA’s kitchens and facilities as well as the college facilities. They also spoke with Thai students studying KDU’s Diploma in Professional Chef Training in Penang. Visitors comprised of:

Panel Members:

1. Ms.Kanokkan Weeragul Dean of School of Culinary Arts
2. Mrs.Benjaporn Damapong Director of the Office of Business Affairs
3. Ms.Thitima Gaowmanee Deputy Dean of School of Culinary Arts
4. Mrs.Chanchana Siripanwattana Head of Board Committee of Culinary Technology And Service Curriculum
5. Ms.Sawanya Pandolsook Head of Board Committee of Food Science and Technology Curriculum
6. Mr.Naratip Poonnakasem Board Committee of Culinary Technology and Service Curriculum
7. Ms.Smita Mortero Board Committee of Culinary Technology and Service Curriculum
8. Mr.Jareuk Sriaroon Culinary Expert
9 Mr.Songpol Vithanwatana Lecturer
10. Ms.Ratree Mekwilai Lecturer
11. Ms.Natjaya Mekrawee Lecturer
12. Ms.Bussarakum Seedaluang Lecturer
13. Ms.Wattanatorn Rosemode Lecturer
14 Ms.Parinya Ratchaneeladdajit Lecturer
15. Ms.Thunyaluk Srisamran Lecturer
16. Ms.Vanida Kongkashot Staff
17. Ms.Thatsanee Intharavimol Staff
18. Pranee Tansakul Entourage
19. Panisara Siripanwattana Entourage


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