Date: 19 April 2013
Venue: KDU College, Penang

The Act Tourism Think Tourism 2013 seminar is co-organized by SHTCA together with Tourism Malaysia. Volunteers and students gained valuable knowledge during the seminar and showed their creative skills in their product displays as well as their traditional cultural dances and fashion show.
Speakers from the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia, Encik Mazlan shared with students Malaysia’s Plan for Visit Malaysia 2014. Mr. Logi Dhasan from MOTOUR, Penang also shared valuable information with students. Mr. Ibrahim Abu from Image Management Consultants shared with students the importance of branding and portrayal of Malaysia’s image to international tourists.

  Encik Mazlan from
Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia
Dip-IHTM students displaying
traditional and cultural wear
Fashion Show
Encik Logi Dhasan from MOTOUR, Penang Fruit and Vegetable Carving
Display by Dip-PCT students
Encik Ibrahim from
Image Consultants (Brand Management)
Styrofoam Carving Display
by Dip-PCT students


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