For the second consecutive year, Rebak Island Resort, Langkawi, welcomed another group of students and lecturers for a guided visit and presentation on February 22, 2013. The first visit which the hotel hosted was in October 2012. Since then, the hotel has been in partnership with KDU Penang , School of Hospitality, Tourism and culinary Arts.

The visitors included students doing Culinary Arts, Front Office and Bachelor Degree’s. A special taxi boat was hired to transfer them from Port Langkasuka to the Resort. The guests were greeted on the shore and the Learning and Development Manager took them for a tour around the property. After the resort visit, all KDU students and lecturers were invited for a presentation and talk on Taj Hotels and Resorts and the TATA enterprise at the Bincang function room. The group was interested and amazed to hear the grandeur of the company.

One of the key highlights was the interview of the Front Office Manager, Dave Anthony. During a 45 minute session, he interacted with the students and answered questions which were beneficial to the hospitality students.

At the end of the session, the management of the resort, under the name of M.Sandip Mukherjee, sponsored a prize for the “Power Chef”. This was a culinary competition organised by KDU Penang, under their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The prize was eventually handed to M.pix2 Shazeel, the senior lecturer from KDU.

After having spending nearly one and a half hours in the hall, the students were invited for refreshments. They also got a chance to meet associates interning and take pictures for their future assignment.

All of them thanked the resort and speakers for the warmth and the splendid Taj Hospitality. They checked out around 4:15 pm and a specially chartered boat took them to the mainland.


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