Friday, 25th January 2013 – The teambuilding activity was conducted for the students of Dip and BA-IHTM. The activities started from 8am – 12pm, and were held in Room 109 and 1st floor foyer at KDU College Penang. This teambuilding activity is a part of the syllabus planned for Personal Development Planning II (BC005) January 2013, supervised by Ms. Sabrina Hashim, subject lecturer, together with Mr. Rahime Bouaziz, French lecturer. The objective of the activity is to;

  1. Enable students to further enforce on the mastering of French language.
  2. Build rapport and encourage team spirit amongst classmates.
  3. Cultivate leadership skills and creative thinking through the group activities planned.

A total of 5 activities were carried out with a mixture of individual and group activities. All instructions were given in French by Mr. Rahime Bouaziz. The first activity was a self introduction done individually, followed with group activities of balloon blowing, balloon train, tele-match and tower building. The final agenda was the prize giving session. The winning groups were given snacks as a reward and the losing team was given a complimentary gift.

Balloon Train Students of DIP-IHTM & BA-IHTM
Tower Building


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