Adventures on an Island: SHTCA Educational Trip to Langkawi
Written By: Miss Soo Wen Yi (Dip-IHTM)

Day 1

On the 2nd of October 2012, IHTM Diploma students met up at the lobby of KDU College at 7am, eager to start their annual school trip to Langkawi island. After taking attendance and making sure that everyone was present, we headed to the bus which was waiting for us to kick start our journey. We left the college approximately at 7.30am. After getting on the bus, Mr. Shazeel and the group leaders did the last head count before we left for our destination.

At approximately 10am, we reached Gurun and stopped over at the rest station to have our breakfast and to do some stretching after sitting in the bus for a long period of time. We spent around 45minutes there before we left for Kuala Perlis jetty.

At approximately 11.30am, we finally reached Kuala Perlis jetty. Everyone was worn out from the long and bumpy bus ride and was yawning away while they unload their luggage off the bus. We waited at the jetty for about 30 minutes before the ferry came. Everyone started to get excited when they saw the ferry approaching the jetty as our holiday destination was a step closer!

The ferry ride was about 45 minutes. It was a fairly smooth ride as the sea was pretty calm. The sky was crystal clear, causing the sea to be just as blue. Hence, we had quite a scenic and enjoyable ferry ride. Some listened to music, some slept, some were constantly taking photos to capture moments, and some chatted away.

At 12.45pm we finally reached Langkawi jetty and were more than eager to start our holiday. After meeting with our tour guide Mr. Kumaran, we boarded the bus that will be our transportation for the next 2 days and headed to a nearby motel restaurant for a quick lunch before heading to Rebak island resort for our visit to the hotel site.

At 1.45pm, we moved on to our first destination, the Rebak Island resort. To get to the place, we had to take a speed boat for about 15 minutes as the resort is located on a private island. There, we got to witness the luxurious and grand hotel room, and had a tour around the hotel by the hotel training team manager. After that, we gathered in a meeting room for question and answer session which lasted for about 2 hours. We got to learn a lot about their organization, housekeeping, internship programmes and so on. At about 530pm, we headed back to Langkawi island.

After that, we made our way to a Thai restaurant called Wan Thai before heading back to the hotel and call it a night. We reached the hotel at about and everyone was exhausted by the time we settled down and checked in to our individual rooms.

Day 2
Breakfast was at 8am, we were required to come down on time for breakfast for one hour and depart at 9am for our site seeing tours. After that, we set off once again for our sightseeing tours. Along the way, we stopped by a place called MH Saujana Enterprise which sold traditional malay medicine. A few of us tried out their massage.

After our quick stopover, we arrived at our first destination, the Kota Mahsuri. However, not all of us went down as we were pretty tired. We had lunch after that and headed over to the Oriental Village to catch a cable car to Panaroma Langkawi which was the summit of Gunung Mat Chinchang to do experience the scenic panoramic view of Langkawi Island. It was undoubtedly a magnificent view. The cable car itself was quite exciting too.

After coming down from Panoroma Langkawi, some of us decided to go for the Island Hopping trip while some of us stayed back at the hotel to rest. For those who decided to go, they certainly made a good choice because it was an amazing experience. The scenery and was splendid and the boat ride was surely exciting. We stopped at the Dayang Bunting Lake first where some went for a swim in the lake, followed by a tour around to watch eagle feeding, and ended at Beras Basah Beach where some went for snorkeling while some just stayed back at the beach to witness the remarkable sunset of Langkawi.

At around 7.15pm, we made our way back to the mainland and took our bus back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. We had our dinner at a seafood restaurant right next to our hotel. After that, we were given free time before we called it a day.

Day 3
Breakfast was as per usual, we set off around 9.30am for our mangrove tour. Upon setting off in our speed boat, it started raining and we were drenched as minimal shelter of the boat could not cover us entirely. However, it was definitely an unforgettable experience. Fortunately, the rain stopped after a while and we were more comfortable. First we experienced cruising through a cave while still seated our boat, and then went for eagle feeding session. However, due to the rain earlier, there were only a few eagles that were out to feast. We were told that because eagles are afraid of wetting their feathers, thus, they were not that many at that time. Before ending our tour, we stopped by at the bat cave to witness the natural habitat of bats.

Before ending our holiday, we were taken to Kuah town for lunch and were given 3 hours of free time for shopping. At 4pm, we gathered back at the bus and made our way to the jetty. We reached Penang at around 10pm at night and went our separate ways. This trip has definitely brought us closer together as a cohort and I am confident that our time here in KDU as the IHTM Diploma 2012 batch will be more memorable because of this trip.



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