Date: 30 April 2012
Venue: KDU College Penang

SHTCA organized an industry-specific career talk graced by distinguished guests from the hospitality industry in Penang. This talk was organized by BA Y2S1 Human Resources Management students, supervised by Mr. Shazeel Ali. It was held to create awareness on what to expect in the industry, and the preparation required in order to succeed in the hospitality trade. Students from SHTCA were briefed on current tourism trends and opportunities, lucrative careers in the airline industry, events management and its prospects and hospitality careers. SHTCA would like to take this opportunity to thank each speaker for their sharing of experiences and knowledge to our students.

Distinguished Speakers
Ms. Audrey Cherissa Pereira
Airline Consultant, Inter-Excel Group
Mr. Andrew Chan
CEO of Intrenasionale
Ms. Jamie Yeoh
Director, Ministry of Tourism Malaysia

Mr. Syamsul Idham Musa
Programme Leader, KDU College Pg

 Ms. Audrey from Inter-Excel  Ms. Yeoh from Ministry of Tourism
Mr. Andrew Chan from Intrenasionale Mr. Syamsul Idham Musa
from KDU College Pg
 The organizing team


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