Date: 17 and 21 May 2012
Venue: Little Cottage, Waterfall Hotel and Restaurant Bon Appetit, KDU College Penang

Final year BA in International Hotel and Tourism Management students executed their European concept theme dinners as part of the Food and Beverage Themes and Application (HM008A) final project.

The goal to the theme dinner is to deliver fine dining restaurant experience to guests and students were evaluated based on grooming/appearance/attire, product/role and responsibility knowledge, teamwork, communication skills and mise-en place. The first theme dinner was conducted at Little Cottage, Waterfall from 7pm to 9pm with a total of 30 guests. The second dinner was conducted at Restaurant Bon Appetit, KDU College Penang with a total of 20 guests.

 Restaurant ambiance by
Group B in Little Cottage, Waterfall Hotel
Table service by Yeji from Group B 
 Restaurant ambiance at Restaurant Bon Appetit by Group A


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