Date: 11 - 13 April 2012

Students of BA and Diploma in IHTM embarked from KDU College Penang on a trip to Langkawi, to further their understanding of the hotel industry by touring and witnessing firsthand how a resort functions behind the scenes.

The journey of these students with the leadership of Mr. Shazeel Ali and Mr. Prakash began at KDU College at 6:45 in the morning on the 11th of April. Students gathered early in the morning at KDU to receive a short briefing before embarking on this much anticipated trip.

The arrival of the bus at 7:30AM signaled the beginning of a memorable journey and an educational journey. Students eagerly placed their luggage on the bus and boarded the bus quickly. With a short briefing of rules and what to look out for by Mr. Prakash the bus was soon on its way towards Pulau Perlis to drop off its student cargo at the ferry terminal. The bus trip on the way to Pulau Perlis took approximately two hours, which passed quickly with all the commotion of adrenaline filled students, excited for a trip away from home.

Without much delay, the lecturers and tour guide ushered the students onto the crowded ferry to be seated. Students excitedly took pictures amongst themselves, Jesper Lee (BA Y1S2) was appointed to take pictures of the group on the ferry.

Students on the ferry, ready to go

Students arrived at Andaman Resort and were greeted by staff of the resort. Students were then ushered down to the floor below the lobby to wait for the managers to brief them on the tour that had been prepared. The students of KDU College were served welcome drinks while being briefed about the tour.

The Andaman, A Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi.

First, students met with the food and beverage manager to learn a little about how the food and beverage department worked at Andaman Resort, then students were divided into two separate groups to tour the hotel, one group was taken first to tour the front office area, while the other was taken to see the housekeeping department first. Mr. Shazeel Ali had already taught much of what was said, but students continued to ask questions and be engaged because it was different from learning in the classroom. Being on tour of the Andaman Resort, students got the opportunity to see things behind the scenes that one would be unable to imagine in the classroom. 

Group A, led by Mr. Prakash at the lobby area.

Students in both groups were brought behind the scenes to see what it looked like to work in housekeeping with a little mix of the food and beverage department. The area provided for staff was much different from the resort where guest’s stay. Behind the scenes, staffs were scrambling to wash linen and prepare food for guests. It was a good insight into the future for some of these students. After both groups finished their tours of the departments, the manager had special tour prepared for the students. This special tour brought the students to a man made coral reef by Andaman Resort. The small, but beautiful coral reef was a fully functional coral reef with teeming marine life.

 Man made coral reef at Andaman Resort.  BA (Y1S2) and BA (Y1S1) with Mr. Prakash,
and Mr. Shazeel Ali
 DIP (Y1S2) with Mr. Prakash, and Mr. Shazel Ali Boat that took students Island hopping 

The next day, students were brought island hopping, and on the famed Langkawi cable car. The height of the mountain was staggering, and being in a glass cable car was a frightening experience. But all managed to reach the top and marvel at the view.

 View from the cable car Students walking to the suspension bridge 


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