Date: 21 February 2012
Venue: KDU College Penang

The Director of Ming Xiang Tai Chinese Pastry, Mr. Sam Koay, shared his entrepreneurial experiences and endeavors with final semester Professional Chef Training students. This talk was organized by Chef Darren Tan for his entrepreneurship class, to create awareness on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, the challenges and how to overcome problems faced. Mr. Koay shared his experiences and gave good advice to students. He highlighted 6 important points in becoming an entrepreneur, namely: 1) Why 2) Friends 3) Keep it simple and stupid 4) Vision 5) Action 6) Lesson.

SHTCA would like to extend appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Koay for his generosity and goodwill.

Mr. Koay handing out samples of
his pastries to PCT students
Ms. Chua Shuw Huey presenting
a token gift to Mr. Koay


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