Date: 17 February 2012
Venue: Kong Guan, Butterworth, Penang

Y1S1 Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management students and Diploma in Professional Chef Training students were brought on an educational visit accompanied by Ms. Lim Kim Yen, Ms. Anna Lim and Ms. Sabrina Hashim.

The manager of the industrial food production plant gave a talk on their product and the background of the factory operations. Students learnt that the Kong Guan factory was established in the year 1975, which was since handed down three generations in the Leong family. The soy sauces are made organically and no chemical substances are added. All of the ingredients are imported except for water. The soy beans are imported from Canada whilst wheat and rock salt are imported from Australia. Students were able to learn the process of making soy sauce and the delivery process from the factory to the retail outlets. The first step in the process of producing the soy sauce is the selection of soy beans and wheat. Next, is to ferment the soy beans for about 90 – 92 days which will be done in fermentation tanks. At the end of the fermentation process, the beans will be pressed into soy cakes and the essence of the soy sauce will be extracted. The process will continue with blending, filtering and heat treatment to produce refined soy sauce. The soy sauce will then be bottled and packed, ready to be distributed.

Students were then brought to tour the factory and were shown the procedure making soy sauce and packaging.

SHTCA would like to take this opportunity to extend its appreciation to Kong Guan for their hospitality throughout this visit.

 Figure 1: Fermentation Tanks Figure 2: Sanitization of soy sauce bottles 
 Figure 3: Kong Guan factory site Figure 4: Labeling process 
 Figure 5: Storage area Figure 6: Fermented beans 


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