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The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) serves to support and facilitate activities related to Research and Development at KDU Penang University College parallel to its Vision & Mission. The centre administers and provides consultation on matters relating to research such as gaining research grants, sponsorship, industrial collaborations, research publications, research exhibitions and competitions, training and consultation, mentoring students through student enterprise start-up program to ensure that the research activities are sustainable. CRI encourages research collaborations with local and international researchers as well as providing an innovative solution for industries and organisations through consultations. The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) aims to:
  • Channel information and opportunities relating to research funds, conferences, consultations, and staff training.
  • Improve the number of publications preferably in ISI/SCOPUS/ERA indexed letters, Journals, proceedings, books chapters or thesis.
  • Encourage research linkages with enterprises, industries, government agencies and other reputable research entities globally.
  • Provide product solutions to facilitate the society and contribute to innovation, commercialisation, intellectual properties as well as nurturing business start-ups.
  • Promote and facilitate collaboration with industries, organisations as well as institutions of Higher Learning (IHL).
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