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KDU Story

KDU Penang University College is a member of Paramount Education, a fully integrated provider that offers quality education from primary and secondary, both local and international, through to undergraduate and post-graduate levels, as well as executive and professional development programmes.
Paramount Education is proud to have had over 100,000 students since its inception in 1983, testament to its 35-year track record for providing good quality, high value education, anchored on the promise of shaping characters and building careers.
Paramount Education is the education arm of Paramount Corporation Berhad, a public company that is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and whose diversified business interests also include property development through its subsidiary, Paramount Property.
  • Kolej Damansara Utama (as it was first known) opened for enrolment and welcomed its first batch of students. Offered courses such as GCE A-Level, STP and US Pre-University courses and the American Credit Transfer program.

  • Pioneer batch of American Credit Transfer program students transfer to various universities across the United States.
  • First in the nation to run the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course on a full-time basis.
  • Introduced the first overseas twinning programme in partnership with Middlesex Polytechnic (Middlesex University).

  • Established the Penang Campus to cater to the higher education needs of aspiring youths in the northern region.

  • Awarded the ‘University College’ status.

  • Moved to its flagship campus in Utropolis Glenmarie.
  • KDU Penang awarded ‘University College’ status 
Vision and Mission


Changing lives and enriching communities for a better world.


  • We deliver superior products and services that benefit society, and shape future generations of leaders and thinkers.
  • We care for the safety and health of our people, and we believe in developing their talents through empowerment and enabling them to maximise their potential.
  • We grow our businesses to deliver sustainable and responsible shareholder returns while ensuring that we continue to protect our environment.
  • We must be bold in technological innovations to be market leaders in our core businesses.
  • We will leverage on the synergies within our business ecosystem to create unique product offerings.

Core Values

  • Trust

    We will strive to strengthen the faith that our shareholders, customers and the community have placed upon us to deliver sustainable returns.
  • Respect

    We respect people as individuals, care for their well-being, and welcome diversity in capability and background. We encourage positive teamwork and expect everyone to be open, candid and constructive in their comments and suggestions and always seek to help our colleagues inside and outside Paramount.
  • Integrity

    We expect to do what is right, not only what is allowed. We believe in absolute honesty and strong principles of uncompromising ethical and moral behaviour from everyone - our employees as well as those who do business with us. Integrity must not only be heard but must also be seen in action at all times.
  • Bravery

    We must have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and be bold enough to venture into new areas and businesses.
  • Energy

    We embrace the future with vitality and vigour, exhibiting innovativeness and entrepreneurship in the true spirit upon which the company was founded.
Education Charter
  • We inspire students and staff to lead, share and serve.
  • We create a community in which learning, teaching and research are encouraged, enabled and enjoyed.
  • We promote critical thinking, independent learning and creative problem solving.
  • We nurture individuals to be ethical and responsible global citizens.
  • We share our success with stakeholders and the community we serve.
Message from Vice Chancellor & Deputy Vice Chancellor
Thank you and welcome to the website of KDU Penang University College!
KDU Penang University College is a subsidiary of Paramount Corporation Berhad, a public-listed company since 1971. Being a 6-star tertiary institution, we seek to deliver high quality education with the ultimate goal of producing a new breed of motivated, competent future business and technical leaders who can make a tangible difference in the workplace and society.
The emergence of Industry 4.0 has changed and propagated the new expectations of employers on graduate attributes. In response to the changing expectations of employers, KDU Penang has increased its effort to transform its teaching mode to student-centred learning by introducing problem-based, project-based learning, and more recently scenario-based learning as well as blended learning to assist students in their learning. A number of academic departments such as Mass Communication, Engineering, Computing, Nursing, Built Environment, English, Hospitality, and Chef  Training have started to shift the learning process from abstract conceptualization to the process of observation, experiences, reflection, and “doing” by immersing in real-world problems, and subsequently to solution-finding process. The shift in learning method is intended to trigger solution development and equip students with different types of competencies expected by employers in the era of Industry 4.0. We look forward to working with you to transform you into solution-oriented professionals, possessing the capability of thinking out-of-the-box, while equipping yourselves with consensus-finding ability.
Every one of us has a desire to be immersed in the global social and cultural development as well as in the global economy and career. To provide continuous connectivity with global developments, KDU Penang provides a well-thought out, structured plan for students to pursue international educational experience through options of undertaking either single or dual-award pathways with British universities. For both single and dual-award pathways, you are given a default sequence of courses and coherent education training programmes to follow based on the level of international exposure and entrepreneurship skills desired by you for your career advancement. You can follow the programme structure of completing the entire degree programme at KDU Penang or spending one or two years at KDU Penang and complete the rest of academic studies overseas. You also have the option of participating in study abroad programme in a number of different countries and then transfer into an overseas university after a semester of study abroad program. The study abroad option will create a chance for you to be embedded in a global, diverse social and cultural context, which will help you build your confidence and  ability to communicate and solve complex problems in different global settings.
Students are also provided with access to real-life work environment. We collaborate with a range of different manufacturing and design factories as well as commercial businesses to allow you to learn beyond the classroom and deepen your understanding on inter-relations between domain knowledge and its applications in real-world problems and processes. Structured internship programme is designed to enable you to embark on both local and international internships, opening up the door to excellent career opportunities.   To date, KDU Penang is one of the tertiary institutions which has achieved the highest track record in graduate employability with a high percentage of our students successfully securing full-time employment with renowned companies within 6 months after completion of their programmes.

To enable students to further relate to their aspirations, KDU Penang will be crossing yet another milestone by heavily investing in construction of an eye-catching, contemporary, eco-friendly new campus at Batu Kawan, located near the second bridge of Penang. You will have the opportunity to walk into the vibrant and sustainable green Batu Kawan campus for studying, recreation, and self-development in 2019.

Within KDU Penang as well as beyond the campus, there are so many learning opportunities lining up for students to prepare them for the real world.  If you are seeking learning in a way that is entrepreneurial, innovation-driven, professional and meaningful, we would love to have you as part of our community. Hence, I invite you to pay a visit to our campus. I also welcome you to take full advantage of the many opportunities available at KDU Penang to develop your personal, social/inter-personal, action-related, and domain-related competencies as required in the era of Industry 4.0.

With best wishes,
Dr. Chong Beng Keok
Vice Chancellor
Welcome to KDU Penang University College. If this is your first semester with us I extend a particular welcome for trusting us to partner with you in the next step of your life journey. For those returning you will have noticed we have been upgraded to a University College. So what does this mean for you? Perhaps the most obvious change is the appointment of me as the Deputy Vice Chancellor. In my role I am focussed on ensuring that you have the best possible international standard education. We already have in place the foundations of an excellent standard of university level education, as evidenced by our rating by the Malaysian Ministry of Education as a 6 star college in the 2014/2015 MYQUEST quality assessment exercise. Importantly, when you graduate our students have a track record of getting jobs! No College within Malaysia scored higher than the maximum ‘6-star’ rating we received in the key area of Graduate Recognition of the MYQUEST evaluation.
In short, no one beats KDU University College’s rating in terms of employability or continuance to higher study. More than ninety percent (90%) of KDU’s graduates are employed, or engaged in further study, within 6 months of graduating. At KDU Penang University College we are equipping you to be future-ready through imbibing an ability to adapt within the highly competitive global market place.
A university level education differs greatly from that you experience in school in that we are a community of scholars. While our academic staff are qualified to a high level in their respective subject areas many are also involved in research to ensure your learning journey is both relevant to today and world leading. On your part you are expected to demonstrate independent learning and also contribute to building a learning experience. In addition to assigned classes you will have tasks you need to complete to excel in your chosen field.  View learning as an adventure not a competition. Squeeze as much as you can out of every class or group interaction, every assignment and you will emerge a ‘thinker’ equipped to take on the world. Finally, remember to keep a balance in your life. Play a little…and study a lot! Use the gym, join a club, read for leisure
The key to maintaining balance in your life while studying is planning well, join a sports team or the dance club. I know you will enjoy your time as part of the KDU Penang University College. Seize the day and the future is yours!

Dr. Brian Charles Imrie
Deputy Vice Chancellor
Quality Assurance
KDU Penang was certified with ISO MS 9001:2000 on 8 May 2008. The certification was converted to ISO MS 2001:2008 in Year 2009. We are honoured to receive compliments from the certification body over the past five years that:

KDU’s quality management system (QMS) continues to meet the ISO standards, as well as organisational and other related requirements.
The compliance level at core and support processes remains good, been performed under controlled conditions and consistently monitored. Control of records is relatively effective; whereby required records were retrieved in timely manner and readily identifiable.
Internal audit has been comprehensively conducted and maximised by the organisation for the identification of possible improvements and its errors rectified.
The management and staff have shown serious commitment to continually implement and maintain the organisational QMS.
It is important to promote the culture of excellence within KDU Penang. This achievement has reinforced the effectiveness and efficiency of quality services provided in the college and sets us up for achieving even greater heights in the future.

6-star Recognition
KDU College Penang received the prestigious overall 6-star, college-based rating in the 2014/2015 Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges (MyQUEST). KDU College was the only private college in Penang and the Northern region to be awarded this eminent recognition. Presented by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), MyQUEST is a quality evaluation system that rates the performance of private colleges in terms of students, programmes, graduates, resources and governance.  A 6-star rating is the highest accolade a private college can achieve, and is reflective of an excellent overall performance of the private college in providing high-quality education.
KDU College Penang also received 6-star cluster-based ratings in seven clusters – General Programmes; Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences, Business and Law; Science, Mathematics and Computing; Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction; Health and Welfare; and Services.

Find out more on

Quality assurance >> http://qa.kdupg.edu.my/
Teaching and learning >> http://tlc.kdupg.edu.my/

Coffee Table Book
KDU Penang University College has reached a major milestone in its evolution. In its twenty five year journey, the George Town satellite campus of Kolej Damansara Utama has grown to become a note-worthy educational institute, recognized both nationally and internationally.
The 25th Anniversary Coffee Table Book is now available for download and viewing pleasure as we walk you through KDU Penang’s journey towards becoming the premier university college in Northern Peninsular Malaysia.